Avoid Conflict in Student Organizations

Avoid Conflict in Student Organizations

A savvy student leader can avoid conflict, but is it possible for an entire organization to do the same? What would your organization be able to accomplish if all the time and energy that is currently wasted on meaningless conflicts was used productively? In this article we look at three ways you can avoid conflict within a group.

Avoid Miscommunications

Miscommunications have a serious cost for student groups. They are frustrating for all involved, which can impact the organization’s morale, and can grow into large divisive issues. By improving communication your organization can cut down on misunderstandings, meaning fewer incidents to ignite conflict.

Be Personal

Get to know people on a personal level. Student leaders must balance their roles as leaders with their personal relationships. This presents some challenges, but also allows them to build a strong friendships with those they are working with. By strengthening these bonds you can make your organization more united and less prone to conflict.

Keep Things Simple

Take a hard look at anything in your organization that causes conflict. If there is a policy or practice that upsets people then look into the reason behind it. Explore ways to get rid problematic practices, such as by automating them with apps like Attune, or tweak them so they are no longer an issue. This can be an excellent use of your time because, by making one change, you can spare your organization many frustrations and conflicts in the future.

These suggestions are not something you can review once and then forget about. Student groups change and evolve over time. The fixes you make now may not work in a month, much less a semester. If you are serious about this then you will need to routinely review these points and look for opportunities to preempt conflict.

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