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Morale in Student Organizations

Morale is important for all types of organizations, but especially for student groups. It is not an exaggeration to say it is the lifeblood of these organization. Today we are going to dig into morale and explain why it determines an organization’s success or failure. Defining Morale Morale refers to your organization’s energy at the…
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Avoid Conflict in Student Organizations

A savvy student leader can avoid conflict, but is it possible for an entire organization to do the same? What would your organization be able to accomplish if all the time and energy that is currently wasted on meaningless conflicts was used productively? In this article we look at three ways you can avoid conflict…
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Holding Members Accountable

Holding members accountable is one of the most difficult for a student organization to do. It can feel nearly impossible, it is unpleasant for all involved, and no one walks away as a winner. Despite all that, it is still crucial for any serious organization. Here are three simple tips to make the process smoother.…
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Make Member Engagement Easy

Increasing member engagement, the degree to which members invest time and energy in your organization, is daunting. Conversations about it often end with everyone agreeing it is a good thing but no one having any idea how to make it happen. This article looks at three simple solutions to help you get started. Increase Morale…
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status reporting

Status Reports in Student Organizations

Status reports are both important and annoying. Officers need them to help manage projects and adjust timelines, but getting them can be miserable for all involved. Today we are looking at what status reports are, why they are problematic, and what to do about them. What is a Status Report? A status report is an…
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Delegating Tasks Effectively

Effectively delegating tasks is the mark of an exceptional student leader. “Effectively” is the key term. It is easy to make a mess by delegating work, but there here are three simple practices that almost guarantee success. Write It Down If it is important enough to delegate then it is important enough to write down.…
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Burnout in Student Leaders

Being a student leader can be exhausting. It is a risk you take when you push you limits to do something great for your organization, but at a certain point it stops being healthy. Student burnout occurs when “challenging” becomes “overwhelming” and students begin putting themselves in real physical and mental danger. What is Student…
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talk through issues

Balancing Leadership and Friendship

Have you ever had to choose between being a good leader and being a good friend? It is not an uncommon choice for student leaders to face. The following is a breaks down why this happens and what you can do to counteract it. Being the Boss Sucks There is a reason people complain about…
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Effective Communication

Effective communication can prevent problems before they occur. As a quick exercise, think about how many issues in your organization are caused by miscommunications. How much time and energy is lost because instructions and obligations are misunderstood? It’s a serious problem for all organizations, but especially for student groups. Here are three reasons why, along…
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Unique Needs of Student Organizations

Student organizations have unique needs because they are different from other organizations. They face unusual challenges that test student leaders’ patience and creativity. The first step in overcoming these hurdles is understanding them. The following are three obstacles every student group will face along with some suggestions on how to overcome them. Chaotic Envionment College…
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