Delegating Tasks Effectively

Delegating Tasks Effectively

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Effectively delegating tasks is the mark of an exceptional student leader. “Effectively” is the key term. It is easy to make a mess by delegating work, but there here are three simple practices that almost guarantee success.

Write It Down

If it is important enough to delegate then it is important enough to write down. Taking the time to write out a description of the task has a couple of benefits. Firstly, it often generates a better description of the task because it forces you to articulate your thoughts. Secondly, writing tasks down removes memory from the equation. All the details are on paper (or in your phone) so there is no risk of forgetting a key piece of information.

Use SMART Criteria

The SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound) help you evaluate objectives. They are often used in goal setting, but are also helpful when delegating tasks. Reviewing the tasks you are assigning with the SMART criteria ensures they are clear and coherent. The Attune app draws inspiration from the SMART criteria and helps guide users through the process when creating tasks.

Format Them Properly

It is easy to miss critical information in a block of text. Try spreading the information over multiple lines and labeling it, such as “Start time: 1:00pm” so there is no confusion. Some apps, including the Attune app, make this easy by breaking details out into separate fields.

If these three practices seem simple it is because they are. There are countless books, courses, and theories on how to best manage people, but all of it is meaningless if you lose sight of the basics. These three practices will serve as a good foundation as you experiment and discover your own managerial style.

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