Status Reports in Student Organizations

Status Reports in Student Organizations

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Status reports are both important and annoying. Officers need them to help manage projects and adjust timelines, but getting them can be miserable for all involved. Today we are looking at what status reports are, why they are problematic, and what to do about them.

What is a Status Report?

A status report is an update on the current state of a task or project. It lets everyone involved know what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done. This up-to-date information is used to manage projects, adjust timelines, and make sure everything is completed on time.

The Problem

Student groups do not have a good way of collecting status reports. Corporations typically collect them using standardized templates, often electronically, while student groups use an informal process. Typically an officer will message other members and ask how the task is going. This is annoying for those responsible for the task, because they may feel like they are being nagged, and frustrating for the person in charge, who needs to know what is going on to do their job.

Make it Automatic

While it is possible for student organizations to create status report templates, the easiest solution is to automate the process. Apps like the Attune app automatically record when users view messages and tasks so no one has to wonder “Have they seen this?” The Attune app also makes it easy to report progress and make comments. The project leaders the information they need without having to ask for it, which means less frustration for all involved.

Status reports, and the frustration surrounding them, are an issue every student group needs to face. You can either ignore it an allow it to continue to cause conflict or you can face it head on and find a solution that works. Addressing this problem may not change your organization overnight, but it is one of many small things you can do to make collaboration easier.

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