Unique Needs of Student Organizations

Unique Needs of Student Organizations

Student organizations have unique needs because they are different from other organizations. They face unusual challenges that test student leaders’ patience and creativity. The first step in overcoming these hurdles is understanding them. The following are three obstacles every student group will face along with some suggestions on how to overcome them.

Chaotic Envionment

College and university campuses are buzzing with activity. While this is great for students it can be an issue for student organizations. Student leaders must fight to keep members focused because there are always a dozen other things competing for their attention. Student groups need to operate in a way that makes it easy for members to stay involved or they risk losing them to other campus activities. An easy way to accomplish this is to have a discussion with the other members about what the organization can do to be more engaging.

Limited Time

Student organizations need to work around the academic calendar. Most student groups become dormant during summer and winter breaks. Even during the semester there are holidays, midterms, finals, and other events to plan around. It can be a challenge to hold week-to-week meetings, let alone tackle larger projects. Student groups should look for ways to make the most of their limited time by leveraging every tool they can. That means making use of advisers, upperclassman with more experience, and helpful technology like the Attune app.

High Turnover

Student organizations have ridiculously high turnover compared to other organizations. In a corporation someone may occupy the same position for many years. Students only hold a position for a short time. By the time they get the hang of it their term is over. Student leaders can combat this by taking advantage of all of their resources. Every position has its challenges, though you may not realize them yet, so you need to handle issues as quickly and neatly as possible so as not to exhaust yourself.

The unique needs of student organizations are part of what makes them so amazing. Being involved in a club, fraternity, or sorority forces you to confront tough issues and, in overcoming them, helps you grow as a person and as a leader. With a bit of knowledge about what you are up against, along with some patience and creativity, you can go far.

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